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Author Topic: Bland, indistinct bass tone when service is recorded  (Read 372 times)
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« on: July 07, 2015, 06:50:56 PM »

Hey!  Kind of an odd problem.  I have several basses '58 P, '62 Jazz, G&L, Ric, 64 and 76 T-Birds that all sound pretty different.  However in the recordings of the services one bass basically sounds like another.  This is not the case on the platform or FOH.  My tone is basically thick and full not clanky.

Here's how my chain goes: Bass - a few pedals mostly not used - Sansamp VT Bass Dx DI - Ampeg Pro3 (not heavily EQed) - DI out to board.  The send is set post amp EQ.

We only recently began recording and really are not set up for that, but we're making it work by recording everything from the board's auxs to a separate PC.  There is no post mixing or EQing for individual instruments or voices.  It is what it is. 

When I use a different bass one week it just sounds like a bass.  Rounds are less present than flats.  If I change the Sansamp to a more B-15 to a more SVT sound it's not noticeable other than it might be a little more pronounced in the mix. 

We are not going to spent thousands of dollars to make it sound like a professional live recording but we do want things to sound as good as we can and I'd like may bass to sound more like it should instead of a a bass blur.  The sound I have for the FOH is right so I can't tinker with that much to get the recorded sound better.  The we we have it now they are tied together but certainly sound different. 

Possibly it is what it is considering what we are doing but I just thought I'd throw it out for others to share some real world insight that might be helpful.



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