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Author Topic: New vs. Old  (Read 8238 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2010, 02:00:47 PM »

"New" is good ... keeps things fresh.  The only problem with "new" is that the congregation can get a little "removed" from worship sometimes with an unfamiliar song.  If the melody is simple, that helps a lot.  Personally, I think one new song per week is plenty.  Play it again the next week, and see if the congregation is more worshipful with it.  If, so, consider keeping it around.

However, I must say I love the old "standards/classics."  There is a reason why the became classic ... they are well written, both lyrically and musically.  Generally speaking, the lyrics are straight forward biblically and the melody is easy to follow.  For those that might say, "it's had its day" -- take one of those hymns and work it with a more modern feel.  I'm sure you'd be quite surprised at the results.  Great prasie music from the "old days" is still great praise music "these days!"  (I'd say the same for secular stuff too ...)

Think about Christmas music .... 100's of years old.  Gosh I can listen to any version of "O Holy Night" at anytime of the year!  From acapella to TSO ... the chording and melody are superb, no matter what version or style.

In the end, I suppose the important thing is that the WL's song selection "fits" the congregation ... afterall, why are worship teams there?  To be a tool of the LORD to aid in bring others to a worshipful time ... It's not about what "I" like to play, but rather, what would help others to worship our Savior. 
Just my thoughts ...

Be Blessed!


God never promised us second best.
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