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Author Topic: What was your "best" performance?  (Read 3762 times)
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« on: March 17, 2009, 04:52:11 PM »

Not necessarily talking about skill-wise, but more so, crowd reaction, etc.

For example, there are two that I would consider definite favorites.

1)  When we got to play at the Ichthus Festival.  For those that don't know, Ichthus is a Christian music festival that regularly draws 15,000 to 30,000 people.  It was a rush playing at such a venue.

2)  When we had 3 people come to know Christ and 2 more rededicate at a show in the "boonies."  We didn't know much about the show, hadn't played there before, and as far as we knew it would just be another show at a church.  Well, they had about 3 other bands play that night and we headlined the show.  After we got done playing, people started coming forward...there was about a 30-45 minute invitation after the show.  Really helped get us re-focused on what we were doing as a band.
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« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2009, 07:49:56 PM »

 Back in the early 80's before I had found Christ I was in a southern rock style band with some very talented musicians. We won a serious of (battle of the bands) and found ourselfs opening an all day out door concert for 5 well know country bands. The attendence was estimated at 80,000 people. I found that when playing for a crowd that size, it is like an audience without a face. It was almost like a hollow victory. Plus being the new kids on the block with an unknown name, we were not really treated all that well back stage.

 Once in a while I will still get together with a few guitarist I know and we will go around and play at some of the local coffee shops. These are small crowds of 25 to 30 people and when the audience is that small it becomes personal and also intimate. Some of my fondest memories are those quat little gigs.

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« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2009, 10:07:39 PM »

A couple weeks ago, we played 2 nights at a multi-church lockin... About 50 kids.  The kids were rockin', singing along, worshipping...  Most fun I have had yet.  THAT was the best performance for our band so far...

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« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2009, 02:01:21 AM »

For me it would have to be the 1st time we played at a Heaven's Saints M/C rally. Between 50 - 100 ppl during the rally. What fun! It was also cool to have ppl coming in singing along and a couple of them dancing around while we were doing a rehearsal/ sound check. What a bunch of great folks!

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« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2009, 07:38:30 PM »

I would have to say that it was when our little bluegrass/gospel band played at a singles banquet for the First Baptist Church of San Antonio about 3 years ago.  (we played on my wife's and my 10th wedding anniversary and she didn't mind because she knows how much I love to play. that's why I said in my intro to the forum that she backs me 110 percent)  After everybody ate they moved all the tables out of the room and arranged the chairs in front of the stage.  There were probably 35-40 people there (maybe a few more) and the stage was so small I sat off the stage to the left with my acoustic/electric.  The folks there just had so much fun singing and clapping with us that it really brought out the best in us.  It is so much easier to play and enjoy yourself when you have a positive reaction from the audience.  There was a lady and her daughter there that did not belong to the church but they were invited by one of the members.  The mother told us later she wasn't sure about being in a church like setting until we started playing and praising God and her daughter (about 10 yrs old) really got into it.  Maybe, just maybe it might have helped bring another soul closer to Christ and that's what it's all about,  ain't it?!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're supposed to play at 11 o'clock at night on May 2nd at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life at our local high school football stadium.  We and another Christian group named the Joshua Band are scheduled to play.  Pray for us and all that are involved because it is such a worthy cause.  I lost my dad to cancer a little over 18 yrs ago and it is not something I want anybody to have to suffer through if there is any way in the world a cure can be found quicker

Walk by Faith

Walk by Faith
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« Reply #5 on: April 01, 2009, 02:34:55 PM »

For me, I think some of my 'best' performances have been rehearsals, I can think of two instances where I've joined up with musicians from my girlfriend's church which is down the other end of the country to me (about 300 miles). Those rehearsals have been great because we've just picked up our instruments and started to play, and feeling that music flow naturally has been a great time for me, and I probably found that more helpful to my worship, as I'm not that bothered about getting it right, just having a bit of a Jam to get our practice started.
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« Reply #6 on: June 08, 2011, 10:08:40 AM »

An at church regular Sunday worship service where we covered Hillsong's Salvation is here.  I worked on the bass line for that song for about 15 hours and really studied it to make sure it was clean and I was solid from start to finish.  We jammed it and I was told that I pulled it off.  I don't know if I hit 100% of what I wanted as a song goes by so fast sometimes that you don't remember every part of it but I know that when we were done, I had played my best and that gave me a great feeling of satisfaction and servitude.  Loved that moment.

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« Reply #7 on: June 08, 2011, 08:01:23 PM »

We had a retired minister in our church who was a bit from the 'old school' and not timid about expressing his ideas on music and other facets of worship.  After service one Sunday, he came down the center isle, obviously on a mission.  My first thought was that we were in for a "tone-it-down" comment or two.  But he walked up to me and said, "You know, there was a time when I would have turned around and left when I saw the drums, guitars, and electronic keyboard in the sanctuary (pause), but you guys are starting to make me understand what the Bible means when it says to '...make a joyful noise unto the Lord.'"  That, my friends, was a humbling experience.
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